Day 365: Something Beautiful Remains
December 31, 2013

I can’t believe that today is really the final day in my year-long journey. I could have tried to come up with a project that was over the top, but that just didn’t feel right. Instead, I went with what started me on this creative road and chose to make a card featuring a sentiment that felt appropriate.

I used the sketch from Mojo Monday #326 since that site has helped me through some challenging weeks. I also just felt that the design this week worked with what I wanted to do.

The Tide Recedes Water Color Card

The sentiment reads:

The tide recedes but
leaves behind
bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down
but gentle warmth
still lingers on the land.

The music stops
and yet it echoes on
in sweet refrains.
For every joy that passes;
something beautiful remains.

My journey may be coming to a close, but I will always cherish the memories and the friendships I have made along the way; the something beautiful that remains.

Now, for the card itself, I did step a little bit out of my comfort zone. It wouldn’t be a final project if I hadn’t. Instead of just grabbing papers from my stash for this card, I created the colored papers using water color paints. The color scheme, while not very nautical, is very meaningful to me. For my wedding, I carried purple flags and yellow roses, so the colors on this card represent that special day for me. It seemed right to tie a beginning and an ending together in this way.

The first sentence of the sentiment refers to the seashells left behind when the tide recedes so I used a seashell charm to embellish the card.

It’s not something flashy to end my 365 days, but I’m not a flashy person. I am simply a person who enjoys finding ways to be creative even though I am not an artist.

Thanks for following me on my journey and supporting me through the rougher patches. I’m not sure what my next steps are going to be. Well, I know that one of them is going to be cleaning up my craft room and trying to restore some sense of order in there. Also, in a little over a week, I am going on my annual scrapbooking retreat where I will be collecting photos of all of my projects from the past year into an album. Once I get through with that, I think I am going to take a bit of a break from creating anything remotely nautical, but probably not for too long.


Day 364: Hangin’ Up My Fishing Pole
December 30, 2013

It is hard to believe that I am down to the final projects of this year long journey. It has been a wild trip, and I am glad that I have undertaken this. I will probably miss my daily crafting time, but for now, I need to prepare myself to hang up my fishing pole and step toward the next challenge. Today’s project is all about hanging up that fishing pole:

Hangin' Up My Fishing Pole Framed Art

I created the fishing pole for this using a piece of wire. The fishing line is embroidery floss, and I punched the fish from glittery paper and embellished with copper brads. (I will probably be cleaning the glitter up for the next year.) It is simple, but representative. Four fish would be a good haul for a day of fishing, and my experiences over the past year have enriched me. Okay, I’m not going to go getting all philosophical. Just say that this year-long journey has been a trip that I will never forget.

Day 362: From Another Sketch Blog
December 28, 2013

I have shared with all of you that I love Mojo Monday. Another blog that I used to go to for inspiration is called Sketch Saturday. For today’s project, I decided to use their latest sketch (#290). I particularly loved a couple of the sample cards they included in their post – Vannessa’s and Lizy’s really spoke to me. How could I not love Vannessa’s little pirate since he is inspired by the sea? Of course, the card that really appealed to me was Lizy’s and how she used the tag for the image.

Card with Beach tag and clothes pins

I obviously borrowed the whole tag idea when I made my card. I love that beach scene stamp, and I don’t know for certain when and where I got it or if I have even used it for a project. I colored the image using colored pencils and chalk pencils. I then replace ribbon at the top of the tag with a mini clothes pin. Not really sure why I decided to go that route, but once I made up my mind to do it, it just seemed to make sense to use the clothes pins to attach by sentiment as well. In case you can’t read it, the sentiment says, “Wishing you a day filled with tropical breezes and swaying palm trees.” Sounds like a perfect day to me and makes me wish that I was sitting under that little umbrella taking in a beach day.

Day 360: Tribute to My Inspiration
December 26, 2013

About a year ago, my friend Jeannie finished up her 365 days project. She created a dress each day. You can view her creations 365 Dresses. Jeannie and her dresses inspired me to start my own year-long journey, so today’s project is a bit of a tribute you her and her dresses.

Now, dresses can be inspired by the sea, and some of hers were, but when you think of beach attire, I think a bathing suit is a bit more appropriate. So, for today, I made an origami bathing suit:

Origami Bathing Suit Gift Bag

I had the yellow and white polka-dot paper left over from when I made my itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polka-dot bikini card, so I used that paper to craft my paper bathing suit. Of course, just making an origami bathing suit, didn’t seem like quite enough, so I made a bright yellow gift bag that I then embellished with my paper creation.

No, my bathing suit is not quite on the level of Jeannie’s dresses. But, it is my small way of paying tribute to her and thanking her for inspiring me to start my own year-long journey.

Day 359: It’s a Fish…
December 25, 2013

So, with all of the chaos of the holiday, I didn’t get into my craft room until fairly late for me. I decided to play with a silly idea that has been in the back of my mind for a while.

Fish coaster

At first glance, this appears to just be a paper pieced fish. But, wait. There’s more!

Fish Coaster

This fish is actually backed with cork and made into a coaster. I started out by cutting out the fish using my Cricut. I then carefully cut a piece of cork to match the size and shape of the fish. I assembled all of the layers and then sprayed the top with an acrylic sealant. Once it was dried, I had a paper-pieced, cork-backed fish coaster. I may have to go back and make some more so that I can have a complete set.

Day 358: His and Hers
December 24, 2013

I have got to have the worst timing in the world. Last night, I noticed my throat getting scratchy. Today, I woke up to a full blown sore throat just in time for Christmas.

Luckily since I wasn’t feeling up to doing much last night, I was just sitting around playing on my phone and saw an idea on Pinterest. They made cute little Christmas decoration signs with beach inspired sayings. Well, I wasn’t quite feeling that creative, but I did my take on the idea and created a door hanger:

Queen of the Sand Castle

Not wanting my husband to feel left out, I decorated the other side for him:

KIng of the Sand Castle

So, as projects go, it is totally and completely impractical, but it was what fit my mood today.

Day 357: Mishaps Make Me Crabby
December 23, 2013

The project that I originally set out to do this morning failed. I am thinking that acrylic paints and stencils are just not items that I should be working with. Anyway, after discovery the extent of my failure, I regrouped and created a card based on the new sketch over at Mojo Monday (#325).

Sorry I Was Crabby Card

The sentiment is a little hard to read, but it says, “Sorry I was crabby.” When projects don’t work like I planned, I can get a little crabby, but this cute little guy helped to get my mood and my creative mojo back on track.


Day 356: For the Love of Penguins
December 22, 2013

I have to admit that I love this time of year. Having all of the boys home for Christmas is definitely helping me to embrace the Christmas spirit this year. But, one thing that I love every Christmas is all of the cute penguins that you see that don’t seem to come out any other time of year. I think that is what inspired today’s project.

Penguin Banner

I started out thinking about making penguin ornaments or a penguin garland, but once I got started, I decided instead to do a Christmas banner featuring these darling little penguins and some chipboard banners that were in my stash. Add ribbon and snowflakes and I have a cute decoration for our mantle.

I cut the penguins using my Cricut and added brads for the eyes. Next, I covered the chipboard with paper to match the penguins scarves. I adhered one penguin on each piece but felt that it wasn’t quite enough, so I added snowflakes. Run a piece of ribbon through all of the pieces and it was ready for me to put up.

Day 350: Cause to Celebrate
December 16, 2013

Wow. 350 days so far. Only 15 more to go after today. I can hardly believe it. I think that in and of itself is cause to celebrate, but I have so many more reasons to celebrate that are even bigger. My son, who is away at Marine Corps Boot Camp called yesterday to say that he had completed the Crucible and had received his Eagle, Globe and Anchor. (I can’t even type that without tearing up.) He will officially be graduating from Parris Island this Friday and will be home for Christmas.

For those who don’t know, it has been an extra long time coming in his case. He left on July 15 for what was supposed to be 13 weeks of boot camp. With just 3 weeks left in his training, he suffered a stress fracture in his femur and underwent surgery to put 3 pins into the bone. After 10 weeks of rehabilitation, he was ready to rejoin his training (luckily for him, he was able to pick up right where he had left off) and as of Saturday, he earned the title of U.S. Marine. I couldn’t be more proud of him and all that he has accomplished so far. This is just the first step, but as we all know, the first step can be the most important one.

Sorry for babbling on, and thanks for indulging me. On to today’s project. I knew that I wanted to see what Mojo Monday had posted and that I was likely to use it for my project today. I was right.

Here is my interpretation of today’s sketch (#324):

Frolicking Penguins Card

Now that I am comfortable with penguins being inspired by the sea since that is where they live, it has opened up some opportunities for me. I just love these guys and how they are celebrating with their little one and they all are clearly so happy. As soon as I saw the sketch with the longer rectangular space, I just knew that I was going to use this stamp. But, I didn’t stop at just stamping. I added bling to the puffs on their hats and used glitter glue to color the Christmas lights. I also found a string I had of small plastic toy Christmas lights and used those where the banners were on the original sketch.

Another project that I had been working on that I finished up the other day that isn’t nautical is my angel wreath. I am sharing it here as a way of thanking the angels who prayed for my son and watched over him these last 23 weeks.

Angel Wreath

And here is a close up of the angel that hangs in the middle of the wreath.


I am looking forward to this Christmas since I know that I am getting the present that was at the top of my list…having all of  my boys with me. Now that they are growing up, I can’t expect that to happen every year, so I am going to really savor it this year. I hope that all of your dreams come true this holiday season as well.

Day 347: All Wrapped Up
December 13, 2013

It is funny. I know exactly what I want to try for tomorrow’s project, but I had no clue what I wanted to do today. So I pulled up Pinterest and started looking at ideas. I found an idea that I really liked, but it was far from being nautical. So, I decided to play with that idea to see if inspiration came to me.

Snowflake Gift Tags

While working on these, I remembered that I had a cute little penguin stamp that would be perfect to use for Christmas gift tags. While I was looking for him, I also found a little crab stamp in my stash and decided to use both of them.

Sea Critter Christmas Gift Tags

The penguin was already wearing a Santa hat, so I figured the crab needed on too. I added the sticker Santa hat to the crab and added a white pom pom to the penguin’s hat and came up with these tags.

All told, I made a set of 8 tags – some snowflakes and some critters.

Set of Christmas Tags

Let’s be honest. You always run out of gift tags so being able to make some cute and some classic tags is a good skill to have.