Day 364: Hangin’ Up My Fishing Pole
December 30, 2013

It is hard to believe that I am down to the final projects of this year long journey. It has been a wild trip, and I am glad that I have undertaken this. I will probably miss my daily crafting time, but for now, I need to prepare myself to hang up my fishing pole and step toward the next challenge. Today’s project is all about hanging up that fishing pole:

Hangin' Up My Fishing Pole Framed Art

I created the fishing pole for this using a piece of wire. The fishing line is embroidery floss, and I punched the fish from glittery paper and embellished with copper brads. (I will probably be cleaning the glitter up for the next year.) It is simple, but representative. Four fish would be a good haul for a day of fishing, and my experiences over the past year have enriched me. Okay, I’m not going to go getting all philosophical. Just say that this year-long journey has been a trip that I will never forget.


Day 344: A Very Crabby Christmas
December 10, 2013

When I first was envisioning this project, it had a very different vibe to it.  It was going to feature happy penguins sharing a cheerful holiday message. Obviously, my mood changed.

Bah Hum Bug Crabs

Seriously, it was more a matter of the Santa hats fitting on the crabs better than they would have on the penguins that changed my direction. Of course, the fact that I have had a headache since last evening and it is snowing again, made it easy to embrace these crabby little guys and their less than cheerful holiday message. Now, I just need to clear a shelf so I have somewhere to put these guys out for the holiday.

Despite not feeling 100% last evening, I did spend some time working on another Christmas craft:

Christmas Tree Wreath

I found this Christmas tree shaped frame at the dollar store. It was intended for Christmas lights, but that just isn’t my style this year, so I added tulle and made a fun Christmas wreath out of it. What do you think?

Day 335: Fair Winds
December 1, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I just happened to see a response that a friend of mine posted to the question: If you were to name your home, what would you name it?

She explained that despite the fact that there was not a sign posted with the home’s name, it definitely had one. The name of her home, Fair Winds. She went on to explain that the name was derived from the quote, “Fair winds and following seas.” There were other reasons that the name held special meaning for her and her family as well.

So, ever since I read her story, that quote has been bouncing around in my brain. Today, I decided to let it escape and I made this:

Fair Winds

I started out with just the words, but felt that it needed something more. I felt that the lighthouse and the ship’s wheel, both were fitting embellishments, because both are tied in with guiding you along your way, and, from what I have read, fair winds and following seas has come to be a customary farewell message when someone is embarking on a new chapter in their life.

It isn’t a sign that she can post outside her home to announce to guests where they are, but I think that maybe she can find a place in her home for this.

Day 326: Flowers for Helen
November 22, 2013

Several times over the course of the year, my mother-in-law, Helen, has suggested that I make some sort of flowers out of seashells. Today, I finally did.

Seashell Flowers Framed Art

To create these flowers, I used seashell beads and freshwater pearls that I bought way back when the family was on vacation in Myrtle Beach. I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do with them, and after playing with mixed media projects this week, I decided to create this piece. I cut the bowl from vellum to simulate the glass. I used some light blue paper that I had leftover from some other projects for the water in the bowl. The stems are pieces of green ribbon. I include some sea glass pieces in the bottom of the shadow box frame, but may take them out since I am not sure if I love them there or not.

So, Helen, I hope this was worth the wait.

Day 322: Ikea Inspiration
November 18, 2013

When my friend Laura and I were at Ikea the other weekend, we spent some time checking out their framed art pieces. I, of course, was looking for inspiration. She was looking for ideas for me and for pieces that might work in her new house. One piece that I liked was a simple floating frame with 3 coordinating pieces of blue fabric or paper in it. I liked the simplicity and knew that I wanted to try to do something similar at some point. So, here is my nautical take on it:

Beach Papers Floating Frame

Now, photographing a floating frame is always a challenge, so I did the best I could.

For my take on the project, I decided to use papers that represented the elements associated with a day at the beach: sand, sea and sky. Overall, I am pretty happy with the piece. It really does look much better in real life.

Day 315: A Song in My Heart
November 11, 2013

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am a huge fan of country music and that is where some of the inspiration for today’s project came from.

Some Beach MIrror

As I was working on this project, the first chorus of Blake Shelton’s song, Some Beach, was playing in my head:

Some beach
There’s a big umbrella casting shade over a empty chair
Palm trees are growing and warm breezes blowing
I picture myself right there
On some beach, somewhere

Somehow, it seemed appropriate since I was decorating a framed mirror that I found at Ikea this weekend. As always, taking a picture of a mirror can be a bit challenging. I decided to take the picture so that the camera and my hands were all that showed in the reflection. That being said, can’t you just picture yourself right there?


Day 314: Not How It Was Originally Intended
November 10, 2013

Today’s project was all about using something in a way other than that in which it was intended. I found a bandana that was designed to look like an old fashioned map of the Caribbean. I knew that I wanted to use it somehow, but I just wasn’t sure how. That is until I took a trip to Ikea with my friend Laura yesterday.

Framed Bandana Map Art

I saw this large 50cmx50cm square frame while we were there and decided to frame the bandana to create wall art.

When I bought the bandana I knew that I didn’t want to fold it up or cut it into pieces. I love the map on it and the colors and I really wanted to showcase those elements. Framing it so I could hang it on a wall seemed like the perfect solution.

Okay, so it was a really easy project, but the point for me was to find a way to use the bandana that might not be consistent with its original purpose. Plus, if someone is decorating on a budget, I think that this could be a fun way to do it.


Day 272: Adjust the Sails Framed Cross Stitch
September 29, 2013

Much earlier in the year, I decorated a serving tray with the quotation: We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. I love this quote and have been looking for another way to incorporate it into one of my crafts. Yesterday, I figured out how.

Adjust the Sails Cross Stitch

When I was at the craft store yesterday, I saw a cross stitch book that had a bunch of different alphabets. I saw another one with small motifs. I decided to buy both and use them to create this cross stitch featuring the quote. I also bought the red frame which determined which color to use for the text.

I will admit that I spent some time yesterday playing around with which alphabet to use and how to arrange the letters – basically creating my pattern. But, I did all of the stitching since I got up this morning – with breaks for household chores.

Day 266: Back on Track
September 23, 2013

After the craziness of the weekend, my husband and I are taking a day to recover. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t make something.

Under the Sea Nursery Art

I mentioned yesterday that babies are on my mind. Both my baby who is recovering from a stress fracture in his femur, and my brother’s baby who is getting ready to have a baby of her very own. My son is 18 and training to be a Marine, but no matter what he will always be my baby. And, my niece is an adult, but she will always be my brother’s baby girl.

My niece decorated the nursery with owls, so this won’t work in that nursery, but I think it could be cute in a baby girl’s nursery.

Under the Sea Wall Art detail

I started out by seeing the fish and octopus iron-ons. I just fell in love, particularly with the octopus and her little bow. With the bow being bright pink, I thought that the sea critters would look cute on a pink background. (You can see why I started thinking that this would be cute in a nursery.) I found a pink bandana that I used for my background. I also found pale pink/almost white flocked iron-on letters. When I bought everything, I wasn’t quite sure what message I was going to put on here, but decided to go with the more generic “Under the Sea” lettering.

I have seen a lot of artwork lately that includes a frame within a frame so I decided to try making one using this project. The opening in the larger frame measures 9×12, so I cut a piece of cardboard to that size and adhered the bandana with the iron-ons to my backing. I then trimmed down the bandana and glued the edges to the back of the cardboard. A second piece of cardboard behind it hides any sloppy edges if you look at the back of the finished piece. I then glued the interior frame around my completed design. Let the glue dry and the piece is ready for hanging.

Day 261: Nautical Chevron Framed Art
September 18, 2013

Over the weekend, I was cruising Pinterest when I saw a three piece set of wall art. I liked the chevrons, the anchor and the overall nautical theme. I knew it was something that I could mimic and add my own personal touch to.

Anchors Frame Art

I debated whether to go with the ship’s wheel or to use anchors on both sides, and obviously I decided to just go with the anchors. I also simplified the color scheme to reds and blues.

It was easy to assemble. The hardest part was finding the supplies and choosing a font. I punched all of the elements out using my Cricut. For the anchors, I used the Life’s a Beach cartridge, and the letters were cut using the Lyrical Letters cartridge.

Simple but definitely has a nautical feel to it, maybe even more so than the piece that inspired it.