Day 363: Sound Advice
December 29, 2013

As my 365 days come to a close this week, I wanted to create a project that shared some advice that helped carry me through. It is sound advice that comes from a forgetful blue Tang fish.

Just Keep Swimming Cross Stitch

There will be days during the year where you just want to give up. Believe in yourself and keep going. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Push through the creative blocks and bad days. If you had asked me back in January if I thought I would make it this far, and I had answered honestly, I would have told you that I sincerely doubted it. But on those days when creativity was elusive, I tried to remember Dory and her encouraging message.

I wanted to make sure that I did a project dedicated to Dory’s message and today seemed like the perfect time…before it was too late. I had cross stitch pattern books featuring different alphabets and different critters. I pulled from them to put together a pattern for today’s project. Now, the fish on the cross stitch isn’t a blue Tang, but I felt that it was close enough to make people think of Dory, especially with her words of wisdom there. I had to flip the fish pattern around, since in the book it was facing the other way, which just didn’t feel right. After going through a few pieces of graph paper, and a quick trip to the craft store, I was ready to set to work stitching this cheerful little piece. What do you think?



Day 272: Adjust the Sails Framed Cross Stitch
September 29, 2013

Much earlier in the year, I decorated a serving tray with the quotation: We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. I love this quote and have been looking for another way to incorporate it into one of my crafts. Yesterday, I figured out how.

Adjust the Sails Cross Stitch

When I was at the craft store yesterday, I saw a cross stitch book that had a bunch of different alphabets. I saw another one with small motifs. I decided to buy both and use them to create this cross stitch featuring the quote. I also bought the red frame which determined which color to use for the text.

I will admit that I spent some time yesterday playing around with which alphabet to use and how to arrange the letters – basically creating my pattern. But, I did all of the stitching since I got up this morning – with breaks for household chores.

Day 223: It’s In the Bag
August 11, 2013

Okay, today’s project is actually on the bag.

Burlap bag with cross stitch surgeonfish

When I was at the craft store last night buying ribbon, I saw these little burlap bags. The bags were pink, yellow, green and purple. None of the colors really felt inspired by the sea, so I walked away without picking one up. Since I was at the store, I decided to check out the cross stitch section. I found a cross stitch pattern book of “99 Cross Stitch Luvable Pets” and right there on the cover was this purple flag-tail surgeonfish. I thought that the colors would work perfectly on the purple burlap bag, so I went back and grabbed it.

Cross sttch surgeonfish detail

I was right. The colors in the pattern blended almost too well with the bag. I started the cross stitching last night and finished it and the back stitching this morning. Not sure what I might use the bag for, but it turned out to be kind of cute. For now, I am just putting the left over cross stitch floss in it in case I decide to use this fish again.

Day 181: Beach Chair Cross Stitch
June 30, 2013

I love that my friends are being so supportive of my 365. Today’s project is brought to you by my friend Laura who saw this little cross stitch kit and thought that it would be perfect for one of my projects.

Beach Chair Cross Stitch

She bought the kit and mailed it to me. It has been sitting on my end table ever since. This weekend, I decided to do the cross stitching. I know I have done cross stitch previously but this one is a different take on the beach theme and it would be insulting if I didn’t use it after Laura picked it out for me.

Obviously, I still need to iron it and put it into the frame, but I wanted to make sure to share today’s project before I got tied up making dinner..

Day 160: Better Late Than Never
June 9, 2013

I am quite late posting today’s project. I knew going in that it was going to be ambitious to try to get it done today, but having done so, I couldn’t be more proud.

Pirate Bookmark

I saw this cross stitch pattern on a book of patterns for bookmarks and knew that I had to stitch it. Measuring 99×26 stitches, it really was too ambitious of a project for a single day and I admit that I got a bit of a jump on it last evening. But, I buckled down and think I wore some callouses on my fingers, but I got it done.

I used what they call perforated plastic rather than traditional Aida cloth so that the edges wouldn’t fray. I still technically need to finish it because I need to add some sort of backing to cover up all of the stitching mess on the back, but the real project was getting the cross stitching all done.

Day 126: Baby Burp Cloth
May 6, 2013

The other day, I was looking for ideas on Pinterest when I saw a knitting pattern for a whale. I don’t knit, but I thought that the pattern could easily be made into a cross stitch pattern and the idea for today’s project was born.


Cross Stitch Burp Cloth

I went to the craft store thinking that this pattern could be cute on a bib, but when I got there, I found this burp cloth and decided to adorn it with a pair of whales.

Cross Stitch Burp Cloth Detail

The original pattern was of a single whale, so I broke out some graph paper and created a mirror image. I used variegated thread and this is how it all turned out.

My niece is pregnant and should find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl tomorrow. If it is a boy, I might have to put this aside to be included in her baby shower gift.

Day 54: Cross Stitch Sailing Ship
February 23, 2013

I used to do cross stitch all the time, but most of the cross stitch that I did were never completed in just one day, so I never thought that I could do one for my daily project. Then last night, I remembered that I have a book called Two-Hour Cross Stitch. I flipped through it last night and what did I find but a pattern for a sailing ship.

Cross Stitch Sailing Ship

It took me about an hour and a half, so I guess the title of the book is pretty accurate. Anyway, the hoop is a 4 inch hoop to give you an idea about the size of the finished design. I have to admit that I didn’t have the exact colors the pattern called for, so I improvised. Like I said, I used to cross stitch a lot, so I was pretty sure that I could make it work with alternative colors. I think it turned out pretty well.