Day 365: Something Beautiful Remains
December 31, 2013

I can’t believe that today is really the final day in my year-long journey. I could have tried to come up with a project that was over the top, but that just didn’t feel right. Instead, I went with what started me on this creative road and chose to make a card featuring a sentiment that felt appropriate.

I used the sketch from Mojo Monday #326 since that site has helped me through some challenging weeks. I also just felt that the design this week worked with what I wanted to do.

The Tide Recedes Water Color Card

The sentiment reads:

The tide recedes but
leaves behind
bright seashells on the sand.
The sun goes down
but gentle warmth
still lingers on the land.

The music stops
and yet it echoes on
in sweet refrains.
For every joy that passes;
something beautiful remains.

My journey may be coming to a close, but I will always cherish the memories and the friendships I have made along the way; the something beautiful that remains.

Now, for the card itself, I did step a little bit out of my comfort zone. It wouldn’t be a final project if I hadn’t. Instead of just grabbing papers from my stash for this card, I created the colored papers using water color paints. The color scheme, while not very nautical, is very meaningful to me. For my wedding, I carried purple flags and yellow roses, so the colors on this card represent that special day for me. It seemed right to tie a beginning and an ending together in this way.

The first sentence of the sentiment refers to the seashells left behind when the tide recedes so I used a seashell charm to embellish the card.

It’s not something flashy to end my 365 days, but I’m not a flashy person. I am simply a person who enjoys finding ways to be creative even though I am not an artist.

Thanks for following me on my journey and supporting me through the rougher patches. I’m not sure what my next steps are going to be. Well, I know that one of them is going to be cleaning up my craft room and trying to restore some sense of order in there. Also, in a little over a week, I am going on my annual scrapbooking retreat where I will be collecting photos of all of my projects from the past year into an album. Once I get through with that, I think I am going to take a bit of a break from creating anything remotely nautical, but probably not for too long.


Day 341: Looking a Little Like Christmas
December 7, 2013

Today was one of those days where I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for my project. So, what do I do? I work on a few non-nautical projects to get my creative juices going. But before I show you those other projects, let’s stay focused on the task at hand.

My son and I had errands to run, so, since we were out, I stopped at the craft store and picked up a bag of seashells. I had one idea but when I started looking at the actual seashells, it became obvious that my idea wasn’t going to work Like I would have wanted. Then I noticed some greenish seashells that were shaped kind of like Christmas trees:

Seashell Christmas Trees

I added some glitter glue ornaments and starfish charms as tree toppers and have small seashell Christmas trees. Not my most inspired craft, but I think they are cute.

So, now back to the other crafts that I worked on today.

Ravens Wreath


I actually started on this wreath last weekend, but wasn’t able to finish with the tulle until this morning. While I was at the craft store, I found the wooden football so I added so letter stickers to it and included it on my wreath. Go Ravens!

But that wasn’t the only other crafting that I did before I buckled down and focused on today’s craft. So, my friend Laura loved the Pandora style necklace I made a while back, and she asked if I would be willing to make something similar for her with a Christmas theme. Of course, I was happy to do it. I made 2.

Pandora style necklace with angel 1and:

Pandora style necklace with angel 2

I figure that Laura can have her pick and whichever one she doesn’t take, I will keep for myself. As an added bonus, making the necklaces got me thinking about Christmas which inspired today’s project.




Day 336: Giving Her Voice
December 2, 2013

Wow. Can’t believe I am in the last month of this year-long journey. I honestly didn’t know if I would make it this far. Now, I have no choice but to see it through to the end.

Over the weekend, I went up to Westminster with Laura for the kick-off of the Festival of Wreaths at the Carroll Arts Center. If you are local, I really would encourage you to go. Some of the wreaths are just incredible and they auction all of the wreaths off as a fundraiser for the center. In addition to the Festival, they are also hosting their annual Gallery of Gifts where you can find some unique gifts made by local artisans. That is where I found the piece that served as a starting point for today’s project.

Burned copper mermaid bookmark

This gorgeous burned copper mermaid was just one of the fabulous items available in the Gallery of Gifts. I just had to buy her. But, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with her. Since it was a mermaid, my thoughts turned to The Little Mermaid and how the evil queen took Ariel’s voice. Books give voice to their characters, so I thought that it might be nice to make a bookmark using this mermaid…to give her voice. She really didn’t need much in the way of embellishment, since she really is beautiful enough to stand alone. Of course, I didn’t seem to have any copper chain in my stash, so I used some copper jump rings to make my own short length of chain. I attached one end to the mermaid and on the other end, I added a copper filigree bead set that I did have in my stash.


Day 335: Fair Winds
December 1, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I just happened to see a response that a friend of mine posted to the question: If you were to name your home, what would you name it?

She explained that despite the fact that there was not a sign posted with the home’s name, it definitely had one. The name of her home, Fair Winds. She went on to explain that the name was derived from the quote, “Fair winds and following seas.” There were other reasons that the name held special meaning for her and her family as well.

So, ever since I read her story, that quote has been bouncing around in my brain. Today, I decided to let it escape and I made this:

Fair Winds

I started out with just the words, but felt that it needed something more. I felt that the lighthouse and the ship’s wheel, both were fitting embellishments, because both are tied in with guiding you along your way, and, from what I have read, fair winds and following seas has come to be a customary farewell message when someone is embarking on a new chapter in their life.

It isn’t a sign that she can post outside her home to announce to guests where they are, but I think that maybe she can find a place in her home for this.

Day 304: Double Trouble
October 31, 2013

I didn’t start out planning to do 2 projects this morning. It just kind of happened that way.

Thanks a Ton Whale Card

This may not seem overly appropriate for a Halloween craft, but it really is. My parents were always very clear with my brother and I that we ask politely for the candy and always, always say thank you. So this card is just my way of saying thank you to everyone who has helped me have so many great Halloween memories over the years.

Now the second project was actually something that I wasn’t going to do because it is hard to even really call it a project, but I needed that little something to finish off my Halloween costume.

Skull and Cross Bones Necklace

I am dressed a bit devilishly today and just needed something a little darker to wear. I had this pendant sitting around and the black and silver chain, so I just put them together and they are the perfect accent to my outfit.



Day 300: Not Overly Nautical
October 27, 2013

So, first things first. I wasn’t completely happy with how yesterday’s project turned out, so I dissambled it and made it over taking a slightly different approach. I am much happier with the new result, so I wanted to share that first:

Redone Multi-strand Pearl Necklace

When I first made it, I tried doing it with out using a spacer bars, since I had never used them and was a little unsure about them. But, I redid it with the spacer bars and it sits so much nicer now.

Enough about yesterday. Today was a bit of a challenge. I had one idea that I tried, and the results were just not what I had hoped for. So, I started over.

Luckily, Laura and I went to Savage Mill yesterday where we both found a lot of inspiration. For my second attempt at a project for today, I used some of that inspiration to make this:

Sea Glass Ring Necklace

The title of the post points out that today’s project isn’t as nautical as many. However, the blue ring is tumbled sea glass and is a key element of today’s piece, so it counts. The actual inspiration piece included 2 different size rings but the more I play with the various pieces, I decided to just use the one. The top piece of the pendant is 2 silver ovals that I slight rounded and connected with jump rings. I then added the heart to symbolize my love of the sea. I included some small seed beads on a couple of the jump rings just to add another element to the piece.

I usually try not to do jewelry on back to back days, but I figured these 2 pieces were different enough and definitely used enough different techniques that I made an exception.

Day 284: Reading Weather
October 11, 2013

The past couple of days have been dreary and chilly. Lots of grey skies and rain. Perfect weather for reading. But, life continues and we can’t just sit and read. Today’s project will help you to mark your spot when it comes time to put your book down to focus on other things.

Whale Tail and Sword Bookmarks

I have been wanting to make one of these bookmarks for a while now, so instead of making just one, I made two. Originally, I had hoped to find a gold bookmark base so that I could use a different charm from my stash, but since I found silver ones, I decided to use my whale tail and sword charms instead.

While I was at it, I made one more,but it isn’t nautical. It is more appropriate for Purple Friday:

Purple Kitty Bookmark

Or for my dear friend Laura who is affectionately known as the “Crazy Cat Lady.”

Day 280: Red or White
October 7, 2013

Way back when I was just starting my 365 challenge, I made a set of wine glass charms. Today, as I was struggling to make any project work, I was reminded of that long ago project. I decided to make another set, but with a little different approach.

Wine Glass Charms

I used larger beads and fewer of them for this set. But that isn’t the only thing that is different about this set of wine glass charms.

Wind Glass Charm Detail

By using a simple lobster clasp to attach the charms, they can be replaced out if the host or hostess wants to tie the charms into the theme of the event.

Day 274: Seeing Double the Bubbles
October 1, 2013

I promise. No more ribbon bookmarks after today. But, after I saw that one at the book store last week, so many ideas came to my mind. Today’s version uses some fabulous fish that Laura got for me and some pearls from the wonderful box of goodies that I got a while back.
Ribbon book mark with pearls and fish

I absolutely fell in love with these fun fish, but was afraid they might be just a bit too heavy for most jewelry. But, that weight made them perfect for a bookmark. Since I had two of the fish, I decided to make two for Tuesday. On the other end of the ribbon, I used seed beads and pearls to simulate bubbles. Not sure if it quite works but I still think the bookmarks are fun and I can’t wait to share one of them with Laura. Just my way of saying thank you for the fabulous fish and for her years of friendship.

Day 269: Why Buy It When You Can Make It
September 26, 2013

Last night, I was at the bookstore with my son. While he was tracking down the next book in the series he has been reading, I took a couple of minutes to check out the book marks that they had available. I have been toying with an idea for one, but I’m not quite sure how I am going to do it, so I was hoping to find some inspiration. I didn’t find anything that will help with the idea I have been playing with, but I definitely found some inspiration.

I saw this bookmark and had to buy it:

Ribbon Bookmark from Barnes and Noble

Obviously, I loved the nautical theme, but I also knew that I could make something similar at home. So this morning, I set out to make my own version:

Ribbon Bookmark with Sailboat and Anchor

I used charms that duplicated the feel of the original bookmark but that were a bit smaller (mainly since that was what I had in my stash).

Here you can wee both:

Side by Side Ribbon Bookmarks

So, now I have to ask the question: why buy it when you can make it yourself?