Day 361: Craft Room Finds
December 27, 2013

You would think that as close to the end as I am that I would know exactly what I had planned for each of the remaining days of my project. You would be wrong. Since I am still fighting off a cold, I wasn’t sure how creative I was going to be feeling this morning. I went into my craft room thinking about one idea, but not loving it. I got a bit inspired and was looking through my ever growing stash of supplies to see if I had what I would need for that project. Of course, I didn’t, but I found inspiration anyway.

A while back, I’m not even sure how long ago, I had bought a slate plague thinking that I could use it some how. As I was searching, I found that plague and knew exactly what I wanted to try…sidewalk chalk!

Chalk fish on slate

I use my chalk pencils all the time, but for this project, I needed something a bit larger – sidewalk chalk. I found my sticky stencils and decided to use the fish since the chalks I had seemed to work best for this design. I put the stencil on the slate and set to work coloring everything with my chalk. Once I was done, I simply removed the stencil and applied a spray sealant so that my fish doesn’t accidentally get erased.

The textured slate was a bit different than just using regular chalk on a chalkboard, and I can’t even remember the last time I used sidewalk chalk, so I had fun working on this one.