Day 364: Hangin’ Up My Fishing Pole
December 30, 2013

It is hard to believe that I am down to the final projects of this year long journey. It has been a wild trip, and I am glad that I have undertaken this. I will probably miss my daily crafting time, but for now, I need to prepare myself to hang up my fishing pole and step toward the next challenge. Today’s project is all about hanging up that fishing pole:

Hangin' Up My Fishing Pole Framed Art

I created the fishing pole for this using a piece of wire. The fishing line is embroidery floss, and I punched the fish from glittery paper and embellished with copper brads. (I will probably be cleaning the glitter up for the next year.) It is simple, but representative. Four fish would be a good haul for a day of fishing, and my experiences over the past year have enriched me. Okay, I’m not going to go getting all philosophical. Just say that this year-long journey has been a trip that I will never forget.


Day 356: For the Love of Penguins
December 22, 2013

I have to admit that I love this time of year. Having all of the boys home for Christmas is definitely helping me to embrace the Christmas spirit this year. But, one thing that I love every Christmas is all of the cute penguins that you see that don’t seem to come out any other time of year. I think that is what inspired today’s project.

Penguin Banner

I started out thinking about making penguin ornaments or a penguin garland, but once I got started, I decided instead to do a Christmas banner featuring these darling little penguins and some chipboard banners that were in my stash. Add ribbon and snowflakes and I have a cute decoration for our mantle.

I cut the penguins using my Cricut and added brads for the eyes. Next, I covered the chipboard with paper to match the penguins scarves. I adhered one penguin on each piece but felt that it wasn’t quite enough, so I added snowflakes. Run a piece of ribbon through all of the pieces and it was ready for me to put up.

Day 339: Throwback Thursday
December 5, 2013

I love music and it definitely plays a big part in my life. It has provided inspiration for several projects that I have done over the course of the last year, and today’s is another one inspired by an iconic beach song.

She wore an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polka-dot bikini.

And here is my card that pays tribute to that iconic fashion forward song:

Yellow Polka-dot Bikini Card

I found a sketch on my craft table that I thought was this week’s Mojo Monday sketch, so I decided to use that as my starting point. I soon realized that it was a sketch from a few weeks ago, but I still liked it for this card, so I went with it. The card is fairly simple, but that keeps the emphasis on the key element I think.

When you think of summer and the beach, what songs come to your mind?

Day 337: Pretty in Pink
December 3, 2013

Today’s project evolved a little bit along the way, but I think I am happier with how it turned out than I would have been if my original vision had developed.

Card Purse with Fish Embellishments

I had decided that i wanted to make this little card purse today and I even knew that I wanted to use these papers. Originally, I was thinking that I would embellish it with a seahorse, but when I saw the little pink fish brads, everything changed. The pink fish brads actually are used to attach the handle to the purse.

Pink fish embellishment

Technically, I probably could have still used a seahorse for the main embellishment, but using a pink fish seemed like the better route to take. I attached the main embellishment using a white seashell brad to extend the nautical aspects of this project just a little further.

Now, I just need to make some matching cards to put in the purse and it could be a cute gift for some little girl.

Day 331: Still Working My Mojo
November 27, 2013

One of the many things I love about the Mojo Monday site is how they will regularly post two versions of their sketch–a round one and a square one. The other day, I used the square version as the inspiration for my card. Today, I went back to the sketch and played with the round version.

Round Card with Sea Gull

I simplified the design a little bit, and I went with blues and beige for this card so it has much more of a beach feel to it. For the image, I decided to use my sea gull stamp. I have had it for a long time, but I don’t know if I have actually ever used it for a project. He felt right for on this card.

On the inside, I went with a simple sentiment:

Round Card with Sea Gull inside

Around here we have muddy ground and gusty winds. I would willingly trade them for warm sand and cool breezes.

Day 330: A Very Merry Maryland Ornament
November 26, 2013

While King Crab may come from the waters off of Alaska, in Maryland, crab is king. Blue crab that is. Seriously, growing up in Maryland, it was not uncommon to see people wearing, “Maryland is for Crabs” t-shirts. So, for today’s project, I created a Christmas tree ornament that true Marylanders should appreciate.

Crab on Capiz Shell Ornament

I had some of the Capiz shell rounds left after making the necklace this weekend, so I decide to use on of those leftover pieces to make a smaller seashell based ornament. Originally, I was debating what I might put on it, but then the idea for a Merry Maryland ornament struck me, and I decided to run with it.

I also made another ornament this morning. While I did use a seashell as my base, I don’t consider this project to be inspired by the sea. Instead, it was inspired by my dear friend Laura, the crazy cat lady that she is.

Black Cat Ornament

I had lunch with her yesterday, and I will be hanging out with her on Saturday. I never like to be empty-handed when I see her so I made this ornament just for her. I know Olivia (her black cat) should love it. I just hope Molly-girl (her tabby) isn’t too jealous.

Day 312: Bon Voyage
November 8, 2013

An amazing thing happened this morning. I almost overslept. I can’t recall the last time that has ever happened. Of course, that ate into my crafting time this morning. I had one idea that if it would have worked, would have been quick. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t going as planned, so I had to regroup and think of something else quickly.

I decided to make one of the small gift bags that I used to make all the time, but to try some different ways of decorating the bag itself.

Sand Castle Gift BagI have been wanting to use this sand castle stamp for a project for a while now, but never found the right idea. Today, I decided to use it to stamp directly onto a gift bag (something I never did before). I colored the image using my chalk pencils and Q-tips. But, I wasn’t done there.

Sand Castle Gift Bag - BackI decided to stamp a sentiment onto the back of the gift bag. I also embellished the back of the bag with 2 seashell shaped brads to carry the beach theme throughout the project.

I haven’t made one of these gift bags in some time so I was lucky that I even remembered how, since I couldn’t easily find the tutorial. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out and think that it would be cute to give someone a little bon voyage present in.



Day 275: Pretty as a Pirate
October 2, 2013

I’m not sure quite where the idea for today’s project came from…probably somewhere deep in my subconscious.

Pirate Hair Clip

It didn’t turn out perfectly, but I couldn’t find the hair clip that I originally thought of when I was developing this project in my head. I saw the pirate grad on my craft table yesterday when I was working on the fish bookmarks and thought it would be cute if I could figure out a way to attach it to a hair clip. I am guessing the bow on the brad got me thinking in that direction. I know that I have some metal hair clips in my bathroom, but when I was searching for them, I couldn’t put my hands on one of them, so I used a different hair clip. I opened the metal pieces on the back of the brad and tried to figure out the best way to adhere them to the clip. Unfortunately, the surface of the clip wasn’t the best for sticking things to, so I had to improvise. I saw some black ribbon and thought I could use that to cover up the brad backing and help it stay on the clip. Because of how the clip was attached, I couldn’t wrap the ribbon around it as smoothly as I would have liked, but I was able to create a less than perfect version of my vision.

Day 159: A School Book
June 8, 2013

As commonly happens, this project evolved a little bit along the way, but the basic idea stayed true.

A School Book

It is a “school” book featuring an entire school of fish. Sorry for the pun, but how could I resist.

Seriously, I found these cute little fish brads at the craft store and knew that I had to use them for something. Then the idea hit me that I could decorate a spiral notebook. I found the blue adhesive backed felt in my stash and like the idea of using it since it should be more durable than paper. The hardest part of this project was making the holes for the brads since my Crop-o-Dile doesn’t reach that far. So, I created a template using a scrap of paper, and I was able to line it up and poke the holes for the brads using what I call my pokey tool. I would poke the holes for one row and then insert the brads without locking them down. Then I would line up the template using the row that I had just worked on. Once all of the brads were in, I removed the backing to reveal the adhesive, working row by row so I could lock the brads in place. Once that was done, it was simply a matter of putting the felt onto the front of the notebook. I also put a matching piece (without fish) on the back, just to complete the look.

Functional and cute. Just my kind of project.