Day 363: Sound Advice

As my 365 days come to a close this week, I wanted to create a project that shared some advice that helped carry me through. It is sound advice that comes from a forgetful blue Tang fish.

Just Keep Swimming Cross Stitch

There will be days during the year where you just want to give up. Believe in yourself and keep going. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. Push through the creative blocks and bad days. If you had asked me back in January if I thought I would make it this far, and I had answered honestly, I would have told you that I sincerely doubted it. But on those days when creativity was elusive, I tried to remember Dory and her encouraging message.

I wanted to make sure that I did a project dedicated to Dory’s message and today seemed like the perfect time…before it was too late. I had cross stitch pattern books featuring different alphabets and different critters. I pulled from them to put together a pattern for today’s project. Now, the fish on the cross stitch isn’t a blue Tang, but I felt that it was close enough to make people think of Dory, especially with her words of wisdom there. I had to flip the fish pattern around, since in the book it was facing the other way, which just didn’t feel right. After going through a few pieces of graph paper, and a quick trip to the craft store, I was ready to set to work stitching this cheerful little piece. What do you think?



One Response

  1. I love this! Frame it and put it in a prominent place as a reminder that anything can be accomplished if you don’t give up.

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