Day 353: A Treasure Box

I knew that once the family day festivities wrapped up that I would have a bit of down time, so I brought this project with me to do on the road.

Mermaid Box

I had bought this box when Laura and I went to Savage Mill. It caught my eye because it was made in such a way that you could stamp a design on the top of the box as if you were working on paper. I thought that was cool. (It was also handy because I could just pack all of  my supplies–except the Sharpie markers and chalk pencil-in the box for the trip.)

Mermaid image close-up

I stamped this mermaid onto the lid of the box and then colored her using mostly glitter glues. I wanted her to have an iridescence about her which the glitter glues were perfect for. I used chalk for her skin to give her a true fleshy color and the Sharpies to color the shells. The only part that I am not thrilled with is her hair. The glitter glue that I used appears golden yellow in the bottle, but when you apply it, it picks up some green tones. Other than that, I am pretty happy with how my little treasure box turned out.

One Response

  1. She needs an anchor, globe and eagle on her arm! So cute.

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