Day 347: All Wrapped Up

It is funny. I know exactly what I want to try for tomorrow’s project, but I had no clue what I wanted to do today. So I pulled up Pinterest and started looking at ideas. I found an idea that I really liked, but it was far from being nautical. So, I decided to play with that idea to see if inspiration came to me.

Snowflake Gift Tags

While working on these, I remembered that I had a cute little penguin stamp that would be perfect to use for Christmas gift tags. While I was looking for him, I also found a little crab stamp in my stash and decided to use both of them.

Sea Critter Christmas Gift Tags

The penguin was already wearing a Santa hat, so I figured the crab needed on too. I added the sticker Santa hat to the crab and added a white pom pom to the penguin’s hat and came up with these tags.

All told, I made a set of 8 tags – some snowflakes and some critters.

Set of Christmas Tags

Let’s be honest. You always run out of gift tags so being able to make some cute and some classic tags is a good skill to have.


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