Day 345: Porthole Pin

Over the years, I have seen various pins made from papers, and they have fascinated me. As a paper crafter, the little dimensional houses and animals made from paper always seemed so cool, but out of reach. Technically, I would have to say that they are still beyond my artistic abilities, but today, I took a step in that direction.

Porthole Pin

My pin doesn’t have the dimension of the really cool paper pieced pins, but did give me a chance to try my hand at making a paper pieced pin. The design was on my Pack Your Bags Cricut cartridge and with the various layers and elements, I thought it would work. I added a couple of my own touches: I included a piece of transparency film to simulate the glass of the porthole and added eyelets to simulate the rivets. After I adhered all of the layers together, I added a bar pin to the back using glue dots. Once it was all done, I did apply a spray sealant just to give it that little bit of added protection from the elements.

All said, it is about 2 inches across so it isn’t too small, but it isn’t too large. I want to say thanks to my friend Mary who inadvertently reminded me of the idea last night and assured me that size wasn’t as much of an issue as I was making it out to be.


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  1. This pin is really nifty. Good job!

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