Day 344: A Very Crabby Christmas

When I first was envisioning this project, it had a very different vibe to it.  It was going to feature happy penguins sharing a cheerful holiday message. Obviously, my mood changed.

Bah Hum Bug Crabs

Seriously, it was more a matter of the Santa hats fitting on the crabs better than they would have on the penguins that changed my direction. Of course, the fact that I have had a headache since last evening and it is snowing again, made it easy to embrace these crabby little guys and their less than cheerful holiday message. Now, I just need to clear a shelf so I have somewhere to put these guys out for the holiday.

Despite not feeling 100% last evening, I did spend some time working on another Christmas craft:

Christmas Tree Wreath

I found this Christmas tree shaped frame at the dollar store. It was intended for Christmas lights, but that just isn’t my style this year, so I added tulle and made a fun Christmas wreath out of it. What do you think?


One Response

  1. Makes me want to go listen to “Crabs for Christmas”!

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