Day 341: Looking a Little Like Christmas

Today was one of those days where I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for my project. So, what do I do? I work on a few non-nautical projects to get my creative juices going. But before I show you those other projects, let’s stay focused on the task at hand.

My son and I had errands to run, so, since we were out, I stopped at the craft store and picked up a bag of seashells. I had one idea but when I started looking at the actual seashells, it became obvious that my idea wasn’t going to work Like I would have wanted. Then I noticed some greenish seashells that were shaped kind of like Christmas trees:

Seashell Christmas Trees

I added some glitter glue ornaments and starfish charms as tree toppers and have small seashell Christmas trees. Not my most inspired craft, but I think they are cute.

So, now back to the other crafts that I worked on today.

Ravens Wreath


I actually started on this wreath last weekend, but wasn’t able to finish with the tulle until this morning. While I was at the craft store, I found the wooden football so I added so letter stickers to it and included it on my wreath. Go Ravens!

But that wasn’t the only other crafting that I did before I buckled down and focused on today’s craft. So, my friend Laura loved the Pandora style necklace I made a while back, and she asked if I would be willing to make something similar for her with a Christmas theme. Of course, I was happy to do it. I made 2.

Pandora style necklace with angel 1and:

Pandora style necklace with angel 2

I figure that Laura can have her pick and whichever one she doesn’t take, I will keep for myself. As an added bonus, making the necklaces got me thinking about Christmas which inspired today’s project.





3 Responses

  1. The little shell trees are cute! Do you think Swarovski hotfix jewels would hold on the shells?

    • I don’t know if they would or not. The shells are pretty bumpy.

      • Thanks for the response!

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