Day 338: Fire Red

Years ago, when the family traveled to Hawaii, we made a point of visiting the Ocean Rider Seahorse Farm. You can actually even purchase seahorses for in your aquarium and they will ship them to you. Here is the description of one of the fancier varieties they have available.

Fire Red

Fire Red

The best seahorse you will ever own!! All the personality  and hardiness of the Mustang with all the color of the most stunning red fish you have ever seen!! Bred here at Ocean Rider since 1998!

We recommend this seahorse for experienced seahorse keepers that have a large  OR dedicated  seahorse tank.

Well this guy was a big part of the inspiration for today’s project.

The other day, my boss handed me a bluish-white seahorse pin that his wife had picked up somewhere. She has learned of my love of seahorses and thought I might be able to do something with. Challenge accepted.

Some alcohol inks and I turned the that bluish-white seahorse into a Fire Red one:

Fire Red SeahorseThe inks are still drying but since it is getting to be late in the day, I wanted to go ahead and get a picture and get it posted. In the morning, I will apply a sealant and this pin will be ready to be worn.



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  1. A Christmas seahorse!!

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