Day 330: A Very Merry Maryland Ornament

While King Crab may come from the waters off of Alaska, in Maryland, crab is king. Blue crab that is. Seriously, growing up in Maryland, it was not uncommon to see people wearing, “Maryland is for Crabs” t-shirts. So, for today’s project, I created a Christmas tree ornament that true Marylanders should appreciate.

Crab on Capiz Shell Ornament

I had some of the Capiz shell rounds left after making the necklace this weekend, so I decide to use on of those leftover pieces to make a smaller seashell based ornament. Originally, I was debating what I might put on it, but then the idea for a Merry Maryland ornament struck me, and I decided to run with it.

I also made another ornament this morning. While I did use a seashell as my base, I don’t consider this project to be inspired by the sea. Instead, it was inspired by my dear friend Laura, the crazy cat lady that she is.

Black Cat Ornament

I had lunch with her yesterday, and I will be hanging out with her on Saturday. I never like to be empty-handed when I see her so I made this ornament just for her. I know Olivia (her black cat) should love it. I just hope Molly-girl (her tabby) isn’t too jealous.


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