Day 328: Frozen Oceans

I woke up this morning and the temperature outside was 25 degrees (and that is Fahrenheit not Celsius). Winter has arrived. The one positive about the weather turning colder is that it helps to get people into the Christmas spirit. But, that is the only positive about it that I can find.

Combine the cold temperatures and the thoughts of Christmas and that is where the motivation for today’s project came from.

Penguin Seashell Ornament

You may recall that I have made an ornament like this one before but with a summery feel to it. That one featured sand and palm trees. Switch out sand for snow (which really is just white sand) and palm trees for a penguin and you have a wintery take on a seashell Christmas ornament.

Throughout the year, I have debated with myself about whether or not penguins count as being inspired by the sea. I mean, they technically are aquatic birds more designed for swimming than flying. What are your thoughts? Do penguins count as being inspired by the sea?

Even if the penguin isn’t inspired by the sea, this project still works since I used a seashell as my base and sand to embellish it.


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