Day 323: Sea Glass Jewelry

As tends to happen, I went into my craft room with one idea in mind and it morphed into something a bit different along the way.

Sea Glass Starfish Earrings

Sorry for the bad focus on the photo. I am running behind and really should be getting ready for work.

Over the weekend, I made some Baltimore Ravens inspired Pandora-style bracelets. To get the Ravens theme into the bracelets, I had bought a couple of pairs of Ravens earrings that I disassembled and used pieces of. These hearts were leftover from that process. I was going to combine the hearts with some silver charms but when I hit the craft room, I decided that I wanted to use the sea glass star fish instead.

But, I wasn’t done there.

Starfish Sea Glass Necklace

When I bought the starfish sea glass, I had gotten one that was a bit larger and I always planned to do a necklace and earrings. I combined the starfish with some small sea glass beads to make this simple statement necklace.

Sea Glass Starfish Necklace and Earrings

I will try to get better photos later and may post them.



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  1. Good job! Very pretty.

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