Day 320: Pushing My Limits

I have not made any secrets about the fact that I am not an artist. Seriously, art was one of my worst subjects in school. But, today, I decided to push my limits and cast away my comfort zone and play with water color paints.

Water color critters

I had purchased actual water color paper years ago when I had thought about trying to broaden my artistic horizons. The pad sat around and never got used until today. After dropping my son off for track practice, I ran over to the craft store and bought water color paints in actual tubes…none of this kid stuff for today’s project. I also found some sticky stencils that I thought would ease my anxiety so I bought them and used them to help me out with my designs.

I started with the fish. for him, I started out with orange paint for the main body. I then mixed it with yellow for the face and fins. A touch of black for the eye and I was pretty happy with how he turned out. I decided to play a little more and painted the octopus using a dark blue green and a bright green. Again, some touches of black and he was done.

While I still don’t claim to be an artist and probably never would have tried this if I hadn’t seen an idea of using water colors with stencils on Pinterest, I am happy with my experimentation and may even be willing to try something like this again in the future. Maybe I will play with making my own stencil using my Cricut and some transparency film or even just using actual water color paints to create a beach scene.


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