Day 318: It’s an Envelope. It’s a Bag.

This was another one of those mornings where I had no clear direction for my project. Luckily, when I went into my craft room, the spirit moved me and an idea came together.

Sail Boat Bag-a-Lope

I started out making the small card with the sailboat. It measures 3×3 and is perfect for labeling a gift bag. Once I made it though, it just didn’t seem adequate. Since the card was just right for on a gift bag, I decided to make a gift bag too.

Did you know that in a pinch, you can make a business envelope into a custom gift bag? You can, and that is exactly what I did this morning. With a cut, some folds and a little bit of adhesive I turned a 9×13 envelope into a 5×7 gift bag that coordinated nicely with my little card.



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  1. Very clever! Love it.

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