Day 317:…and a Bottle of Rum

This morning, I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to do. Then, my son informed me that he didn’t have all of the paperwork that he needed in order to try out for indoor track so I had to scramble to find the missing paperwork and get it all filled out. Not the way I wanted my morning to go.

Luckily, when I went into my craft room things came together and I was able to make this card:

Bottle of Rum Card front

When you open the card up, this is what you see:

Bottle of Rum Card Inside

While it seems fancy since it is not a conventional card, it is actually super easy to make. I originally was thinking of going a different direction but the papers just weren’t working, so I was lucky to have my pirate paper along with matching red paper right at my finger tips. The pirate was actually a little too big for the card front, but I made him work.

Once I had put the card together, I knew I wanted to put something inside. I found some small black letter stickers and tried to go with a pirate-themed sentiment. Can I have that bottle of rum now?



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