Day 312: Bon Voyage

An amazing thing happened this morning. I almost overslept. I can’t recall the last time that has ever happened. Of course, that ate into my crafting time this morning. I had one idea that if it would have worked, would have been quick. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t going as planned, so I had to regroup and think of something else quickly.

I decided to make one of the small gift bags that I used to make all the time, but to try some different ways of decorating the bag itself.

Sand Castle Gift BagI have been wanting to use this sand castle stamp for a project for a while now, but never found the right idea. Today, I decided to use it to stamp directly onto a gift bag (something I never did before). I colored the image using my chalk pencils and Q-tips. But, I wasn’t done there.

Sand Castle Gift Bag - BackI decided to stamp a sentiment onto the back of the gift bag. I also embellished the back of the bag with 2 seashell shaped brads to carry the beach theme throughout the project.

I haven’t made one of these gift bags in some time so I was lucky that I even remembered how, since I couldn’t easily find the tutorial. I am pretty happy with how this one turned out and think that it would be cute to give someone a little bon voyage present in.




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  1. Cute!

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