Day 310: Not Without Its Challenges

I thought today’s idea would be easy to execute. Boy, was I wrong.

I decided to try cutting shapes in Shrinky Dink film using my Cricut to make earrings. Sounds easy enough. Right? Wrong! Turns out that the film is just a bit too thick or something and instead of cutting all the way through, the film just sort of got perforated. I found that if I got it started with scissors, I was able to get the shapes out with a bit of effort. After the coloring the shapes was a breeze.

The next challenge came when I actually tried to shrink the shapes down in my Shrinky Dink oven. Okay, the first failure was my fault. I couldn’t remember which side to put facing down when I put the cut piece into the oven. I wound of up with a mangled mess. I tried again with my second shape that I had cut. Success. I ran back up to the craft room to cut and color another shaped piece. Put it into the oven the right way and went about assembling the first one into an earring. I was keeping an eye on the oven but somehow, the piece must have moved all the way to a corner because when I checked on it, I couldn’t find it through the view window. So, one to piece number 4. While this one didn’t want to lay when it shrunk, I was able to manipulate it enough that it finally cooperated.

Shrinky Dink Whale Earrings

And finally after adding jump rings and French hooks, a pair of earrings.

I honestly thought that this would be an easy project that I would whip through in no time. Clearly, that was not the case at all. Would I recommend this project to other people? Only if they have a lot of patience.


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