Day 306: Nautical Mad Libs are a Smash

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a “smash” book from one of the local craft stores. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with it, but figured it would be fun to embellish for something. Today, I decided that the time was right and I decorated the book and the interior tabs:

Smash Book Cover

I found some nautical rub-ons and decided to use those as my embellishments. I usually shy away from using rub-ons since I have had issues in the past where the design doesn’t transfer completely, but these were really easy to use.

Pirate Tab

As I was decorating the tabs, I was trying to decide what else to put in my book.

Stars Tab

I decided to create my own Mad Libs.

Rope Tab

For those who might not be familiar with Mad Libs, they were little books with stories with words omitted. One person would ask the others in the group to provide the needed parts of speech to fill in for the missing words resulting in silly stories.

Hooked on This Tab

I used to do Mad Libs when I was growing up and then again with my boys when they were younger.

Swept Away Tab

So, I set out on an internet search to find little tidbits that I could use to create Mad Libs based on the images on the various tabs in my book.

Mad Libs Page

I put it all together in the Smash book and to combine old (Mad Libs) and new (Smash Book) in one cohesive project.


2 Responses

  1. Very creative. You have to tell me about smash books.

  2. Two more months to go!

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