Day 305: Sailing Away

As I was laying there in bed trying to fall back to sleep this morning, I was thinking about what to do for today’s craft. I felt like I had been playing it safe this week, so I wanted to do something a little bit more outside my comfort zone. I wanted to do something that didn’t use paper since almost every project this week has in some way. I finally came up with an idea.

Lampshade with Sailboat design

I remembered that I had this small lamp shade that I hadn’t used yet. (Partially, I hadn’t used it for a project since I don’t have a lamp that it fits on, but that is beside the point.) I still wasn’t quite sure what to do though. After laying there a little longer, I remembered that I had some puffy fabric paints. I decided to try stamping a design onto the lampshade and then coloring it using the puffy paints. I stamped the design onto opposite sides of the lampshade since just a single sailboat somehow didn’t feel right. I made sure that the ink from the stamping was dry and then I set to work on filling in the design with the puffy paints.

The paint is actually still drying since it takes about 4 hours, but I figured I could take a picture so that I could share my project with you before I headed off to work. It isn’t perfect but it could work for a lamp in a child’s room.


One Response

  1. Very cool! Love the puffy paint.

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