Day 304: Double Trouble

I didn’t start out planning to do 2 projects this morning. It just kind of happened that way.

Thanks a Ton Whale Card

This may not seem overly appropriate for a Halloween craft, but it really is. My parents were always very clear with my brother and I that we ask politely for the candy and always, always say thank you. So this card is just my way of saying thank you to everyone who has helped me have so many great Halloween memories over the years.

Now the second project was actually something that I wasn’t going to do because it is hard to even really call it a project, but I needed that little something to finish off my Halloween costume.

Skull and Cross Bones Necklace

I am dressed a bit devilishly today and just needed something a little darker to wear. I had this pendant sitting around and the black and silver chain, so I just put them together and they are the perfect accent to my outfit.




One Response

  1. I remember my favorite costume. I was a paperboy. I thought that was cool. Happy Halloween to everyone.

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