Day 300: Not Overly Nautical

So, first things first. I wasn’t completely happy with how yesterday’s project turned out, so I dissambled it and made it over taking a slightly different approach. I am much happier with the new result, so I wanted to share that first:

Redone Multi-strand Pearl Necklace

When I first made it, I tried doing it with out using a spacer bars, since I had never used them and was a little unsure about them. But, I redid it with the spacer bars and it sits so much nicer now.

Enough about yesterday. Today was a bit of a challenge. I had one idea that I tried, and the results were just not what I had hoped for. So, I started over.

Luckily, Laura and I went to Savage Mill yesterday where we both found a lot of inspiration. For my second attempt at a project for today, I used some of that inspiration to make this:

Sea Glass Ring Necklace

The title of the post points out that today’s project isn’t as nautical as many. However, the blue ring is tumbled sea glass and is a key element of today’s piece, so it counts. The actual inspiration piece included 2 different size rings but the more I play with the various pieces, I decided to just use the one. The top piece of the pendant is 2 silver ovals that I slight rounded and connected with jump rings. I then added the heart to symbolize my love of the sea. I included some small seed beads on a couple of the jump rings just to add another element to the piece.

I usually try not to do jewelry on back to back days, but I figured these 2 pieces were different enough and definitely used enough different techniques that I made an exception.


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  1. Congratulations on Day 300! Smooth sailing from here on it…

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