Day 292: Glass Fish Mobile

A while back, I found blown glass fish at one of my local craft stores. I bought one with a particular project in mind. Unfortunately, that project didn’t work out as planned. So, what was I to do? I went back and bought 3 more and today, I made a mobile using these fish.

Fish Mobile

Unfortunately with it being a mobile getting photos was a bit tricky. I did however get some decent photos of the individual fish:

Blue Fancy Fin Fish

Yellow and green spotted fish

Round Blue Fish

Pink fish with puffy tail

To put the mobile together, I used 2 pieces of 1/4 inch dowel rod. I drilled small holes into the center of each piece and then used ribbon to attach the two pieces to one another. I then drilled holes near the ends of the dowel rods and ran ribbon through each of the holes. I tied the fish onto the coordinating pieces of ribbon, aligned them and tied the ribbons above the dowels leaving a loop that I could use to hang the mobile. Not the perfect mobile, but a fun fish project. I may need to put a hook on the ceiling in my craft room so I can hang this in there.


2 Responses

  1. Love the colors in the fish. Good job!

  2. Great idea! How can you not love those cute little fish?

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