Day 289: Paper Pieced Aquarium

During his senior year of high school, my son took a Marine Science class. As part of that class, he and his friend had a fish tank that they maintained in the classroom. When they graduated, the fish needed a home, so my son brought them home and we set them up with a nice aquarium here at the house. When my son left for Basic Training, I inherited the fish. I think I may send today’s project to my son from those fish.

Paper Pieced Underwater Scene

The other day, I bought a new cartridge for my Cricut called Pack Your Bags. It has a lot of beach and vacation inspired cuts. This underwater scene caught my eye as I was looking at all of the different cuts and I decided I wanted to play with it today. So 6 pieces of paper (all but the black came from a pack called Candy Shop) later and a few more cuts than that, I was ready to assemble this scene. I attached it to a square card so that I can use it to send an encouraging note to my favorite Marine Recruit.

I love the bright, cheerful colors and, while it is kind of juvenile, I hope that it will bring a smile to my son’s face.


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