Day 282: Pink Pirates?

First things first. Yesterday, I asked for your help deciding which sentiment I should use in my card. The winner, by an overwhelming majority is: “Needed Immediately Beach Hammock and Winning Lotto Ticket.” I don’t know if that is because a lot of my friends are being impacted directly by the government furloughs or if it is just a reflection on my friends in general. I wish that I could say that I found the results surprising, but I really don’t.

Now, on to today’s project. As is happening fairly often lately, I woke up without a clear direction in mind for what I wanted to do. I found some inspiration in a piece of paper from my stash, but I still didn’t know quite what I should do with it. So, I reached over and grabbed my copy of Card Sketches for Paper Crafters. I flipped through it for a couple of minutes until I happened upon the sketch on page 60.

Pink Pirate Card

I liked that the sketch put the emphasis on the paper. I embellished with some black hearts and a pirate button from my stash. I am not 100% in love with this card and looking at the photo I am seeing minor things about the card that are driving me a little bit crazy. It was a bit different from the cards that I usually make so, I am counting it as a win.


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