Day 271: Now, With Seashells

The other night, when I went to the bookstore with my son, I bought a bookmark that used ribbon and charms. The charms on the specific bookmark were a sailboat and an anchor so obviously it caught my eye. The next day, I made my first interpretation of the style of bookmark. I followed the theme very closely and even used a sailboat and an anchor to really mimic the inspiration piece. But, I knew that there were endless possibilities.

Today, I decided to play with a different spin on the same style of bookmark:

Seashell and Ribbon Bookmark

Okay, so I played up my nautical theme by selecting Mutiny on the Bounty to include in the photo.

For this bookmark, I selected 2 seashells-one a little larger than the other-and shell pink ribbon. I started out by drilling small holes into the seashells. I found some head pins in my stash and inserted them into the holes that I drilled in the shells and created a loop to hold the head pin in place and to provide a way to connect the shells to the rest of the bookmark. I then added closures to the ends of the ribbon using my crimping tool. The closures each had a tab with a small hole for attaching it to a jump ring, so it was simply a matter or using jump rings to attach the seashells to either end of the ribbon.

I have to admit something. I was really excited about the bookmark that inspired these projects when I thought maybe it was hand-crafted. Then, I read the small print on the label that came with it. While it was designed by an artist in New York, it was manufactured in China, probably in a factory or maybe even a sweat shop. It made me even more determined to explore the medium and make truly hand-crafted unique bookmarks myself.

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  1. Very nice!

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