Days 264 & 265: Quick Cards

So, this weekend did not go as planned. I have an 18 year old son who is down at Parris Island for USMC Basic Training. Thursday evening, he called home to inform us that he was being prepped for surgery to insert screws into his broken femur. My husband spent most of Friday trying to find out if we would be allowed to see our son while he was hospitalized after the surgery. We were, so after we got things under control at home Friday evening and I got some craft supplies together, we set out to start the 9 hour drive. After a few hours, we couldn’t go any further since we were both dog-tired, so we found a hotel to stay in for the night. Saturday morning, we got up and hit the road before 6 a.m. so that we could get down to the Naval hospital and see our son. We got to spend a little while with him Saturday afternoon. He is doing well. He will be on crutches for 4 weeks and then hopefully he can begin physical conditioning and then return to a training platoon.

So, I said that I had gotten some craft supplies together. Well, when you pack for a weekend in about 5 minutes, you tend to forget things. After our visit with our son, we went to our hotel and I had every intention of working on a card. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my cutting mat and my paper trimmer. Both of which were really necessary if I was going to make any cards. That being said, I didn’t technically make anything on day 264. However, to make up for that, I made 2 cards today.

For day 264, I had planned to make a baby bib card with sailboats:

Baby Bib Card with SailboatsThe inspiration for this card was twofold. First, my first-born was in a hospital facing surgery at the ripe old age of 18 years and 3 weeks. Second, my niece is due to have her first baby next Sunday. With those thoughts in my mind, it seemed like the timing was right for making a baby bib card.

For Day 265, I knew that I wanted to use some more of the cute stamps that I got the other weekend at the scrap and stamp expo.

Octopus Hugs Card

The sentiment reads, “I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you” and nothing could have been more true this weekend. I just wanted to get to my son and wrap him in a giant hug. I used some beach-themed printed papers and an octopus stamp that came with the sentiment stamp. If you follow me, you may recognize the card layout from the seahorse card that I did a couple of weeks ago. The stamps were from the same set, so it seemed to make sense to use the same card layout.

I feel badly about having missed a day, but under the circumstances, I hope that everyone can be understanding.


5 Responses

  1. They are both great. I’m impressed you even thought about taking craft items with you. Glad that things are looking positive.

  2. Michelle! It is your commitment. No one is keeping score! The idea is to be creative and stretch yourself. I’m sure the Universe understands—and I’m glad to hear Kyle is doing fairly well. Will he come home for rehabilitation, or stay there?

    • The hope is that he can stay there and rehab. If he can do that, he can be dropped into another training platoon that is at the same place as he was when he got hurt. If he comes home, he will have to start the training over at the beginning.

  3. They are both great
    Just glad he is doing so well and in good spirits

  4. I like your boat layout. Its very cute^^

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