Day 266: Back on Track

After the craziness of the weekend, my husband and I are taking a day to recover. But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t make something.

Under the Sea Nursery Art

I mentioned yesterday that babies are on my mind. Both my baby who is recovering from a stress fracture in his femur, and my brother’s baby who is getting ready to have a baby of her very own. My son is 18 and training to be a Marine, but no matter what he will always be my baby. And, my niece is an adult, but she will always be my brother’s baby girl.

My niece decorated the nursery with owls, so this won’t work in that nursery, but I think it could be cute in a baby girl’s nursery.

Under the Sea Wall Art detail

I started out by seeing the fish and octopus iron-ons. I just fell in love, particularly with the octopus and her little bow. With the bow being bright pink, I thought that the sea critters would look cute on a pink background. (You can see why I started thinking that this would be cute in a nursery.) I found a pink bandana that I used for my background. I also found pale pink/almost white flocked iron-on letters. When I bought everything, I wasn’t quite sure what message I was going to put on here, but decided to go with the more generic “Under the Sea” lettering.

I have seen a lot of artwork lately that includes a frame within a frame so I decided to try making one using this project. The opening in the larger frame measures 9×12, so I cut a piece of cardboard to that size and adhered the bandana with the iron-ons to my backing. I then trimmed down the bandana and glued the edges to the back of the cardboard. A second piece of cardboard behind it hides any sloppy edges if you look at the back of the finished piece. I then glued the interior frame around my completed design. Let the glue dry and the piece is ready for hanging.


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  1. I like this. You should hang it in the main bathroom.

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