Day 261: Nautical Chevron Framed Art

Over the weekend, I was cruising Pinterest when I saw a three piece set of wall art. I liked the chevrons, the anchor and the overall nautical theme. I knew it was something that I could mimic and add my own personal touch to.

Anchors Frame Art

I debated whether to go with the ship’s wheel or to use anchors on both sides, and obviously I decided to just go with the anchors. I also simplified the color scheme to reds and blues.

It was easy to assemble. The hardest part was finding the supplies and choosing a font. I punched all of the elements out using my Cricut. For the anchors, I used the Life’s a Beach cartridge, and the letters were cut using the Lyrical Letters cartridge.

Simple but definitely has a nautical feel to it, maybe even more so than the piece that inspired it.


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