Day 257: More Pearl Kisses

After I made yesterday’s kissing fish necklace, I realized that it was too long. I decided that I wanted to wear it today, so I went into the craft room planning to just shorten it and move on. I really didn’t intend to do today’s project. But, I wanted to wear the necklace but didn’t have earrings that I thought went with it. What to do? Make a pair of earrings for today’s project.

Pearl, Crystal and Chain Earrings

The bag with the pink pearls was still sitting on my craft table, so when I found myself with short lengths of chain (that I removed from each side of the necklace), it only made sense that I would make something with them. I dug out some blue crystals that aren’t quite a perfect match with the fish, but I thought they were close enough in color that they worked. I have done similar earrings in the past using pink and lavender pearls, but that was much earlier in the year, so I thought it would be okay to repeat them, as long as I introduced some different element, which I did with the crystals.

Okay, so they aren’t my most inspired project, but I am allowed an off day here and there, aren’t I?


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  1. Beautiful!

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