Day 253: Keeping it Real, Keeping it Simple

My thumb is still bothering me so I tried to keep it pretty simple this morning and to take it easy on my bum thumb.

Bad Day in Paradise Pillow Box

I found these clear pillow boxes at the expo this past weekend and thought that it might be fun to play around with them. I also found what they call “wobble disks” there. They allow you to add an embellishment to your project and add a little dimension and motion. I decided to use both of those products along with a new stamp that I got. In the photo below, you can see how the sentiment is elevated off of the actual pillow box.

Pillow Box side view

For the decoration on the inside of the pillow box, I simply used blue and tan papers to create a beachy type feel. For the sentiment, I cut a circle out of card stock and another one out of the blue paper. I put them together and and stamped the sentiment in denim blue. The sentiment says, “A bad day in Paradise is always better than a good day at work,” and we all know that is 100% true.

Not the most exciting project, but still fun.


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  1. Good job!

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