Day 252: Another Day, Another Card

I know I have been doing a lot of cards over the past few days, but it is hard not to after all of the cool stuff I saw Saturday. One of the booths at the expo had some really cool “waterfall” cards. Now, even the technique has a watery theme. How could I not make a card using this new technique?

Waterfall Sandcastle Card

I kept this one really pretty simple, but you can go crazy with the technique. Basically, this technique allows you to feature up to 4 images that show a progression. (My favorite at the show was the chocolate bunny disappearing bite by bite.) For my card, I decided to use a set of stamps that show a sandcastle from start to finish

Waterfall Sandcastle Card - 2

The first image is just sand. The second shows a shovel in the sand. The third image (you can see above) has sand in a pail and the final image (also above) shows the completed sand castle. When you pull the strip (I included ribbon on mine to make it more obvious where to pull), it almost forms a little flip book that goes through all of the images.

To make the card, you cut a strip of paper and score it at even markings. You then fold the strip and adhere your images to it. At the one end, you put a strip of paper across the end of your large strip that includes the images and you attach this smaller strip to your card front. That allows the larger strip to move and display all of the images. It is difficult to explain and I am not sure if the pictures really do it justice, but it is a cool technique that I will likely use again.


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