Day 248: That Book Was So Long…

Everyone knows that fishermen tend to exaggerate about their catches. The fish are always record-breaking in size, and the struggle to get them into the boat is always epic. Today’s project celebrates those fish tales, but applies them to reading.

Fish Tales Bookmark

For today’s project, I made a bookmark. I didn’t quite know what I was going to do this morning but I had been toying with an idea for a bookmark. Serendipity stepped in and everything just clicked.

Fish Charm - Fish Tales Bookmark

I have had the fish charm for a while and was thinking about how I could use it. I didn’t want to make jewelry with him, but I knew I wanted to do something. As I was in my craft room thinking, I saw that I had two 6×9 pieces of green self-adhesive felt that was close in color to this little fish. When I grabbed the green felt pieces, I discovered that I had a piece of golden colored felt as well, which just happened to match the stripes on the fish.

I cut 2 pieces of the green felt down to 7×2. I then punched the holes in each piece (it would have been too thick if I put the pieces together first). I put the green pieces together carefully lining up the holes. I then put a couple of larger jump rings through the holes. Using smaller jump rings, I attached the lengths of chain and the fish charm. For the lettering, I broke out my trusty Sizzix and the Lollipop letters. I have actually included the lettering on both sides of the bookmark (not that you can tell from the pictures). I punched out all of the letters and lined them up on each side of the bookmark. Once I was happy with the alignment, I removed the backing and adhered the letters.



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  1. Good idea! Love it!

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