Day 244: Boat Drinks

Back in June, I made a sign for my  future bar, the Seahorse Saloon. Today, I decorated some tumblers that would work well in that bar.

Boat Drink Tumblers

I found these tumblers the other week on one of my craft store runs and knew that I wanted to decorate them somehow. I decided to use vinyl that I cut using my Cricut to create the embellishments for the glasses. Then it was just a matter of figuring out what I wanted to put on them. With summer coming to a close, I was thinking about Jimmy Buffett songs and thought that it would work to embellish the cups with the title of one of Jimmy’s classic summer songs – Boat Drinks. (Why Don’t We Get Drunk… was just a bit too long.) But, I didn’t think that just embellishing them with the words Boat Drinks would be enough. I then remembered the Seahorse Saloon sign and decided to include the same seahorse from the sign on the cups.

For the photo, I used the nautical vase that I created a few weeks ago since the colors worked so well together. Also, if I ever do open a bar, I would want it to be a classy place with flowers on the tables and such.


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