Day 237: Astrological Jewelry

The other day, Michaels (the craft store) posted a picture of a necklace inspired by the new movie, The Mortal Instruments on their Facebook wall. I liked the look of the necklace, but obviously wings aren’t inspired by the sea. So, I set out to find supplies so I could create something similar with a seaworthy theme.

Pisces 3-Chain Necklace

What I loved about the necklace that Michaels shared was the 3 chains in varying lengths and the effect they created, so that is what I mimicked with my necklace. As I said, the wings that Michaels used just really didn’t go with my theme, so when I saw this Pisces charm, I thought it could be perfect.

Pisces charm close-up

The hardest part about assembling this one was keeping the chains laying in the right order, but even that wasn’t that challenging. It was simply a matter of cutting 6 pieces of chain – 2 10-inch, 2 12-inch and 2 16-inch, attaching them using jump rings, adding the charm and adding a clasp. With just basic jewelry making tools, most anyone could put something similar together.

Too bad, I wasn’t born just a few days later. I am an Aquarius. Now, I just have to find someone who was born under Pisces who might love this necklace.


One Response

  1. Very nice
    I’m sure you will find your Pices.

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