Day 236: 5:00 Somewhere

I spent a little bit of time working on some other non-nautical crafts this morning which was a nice break. But, I have come this far, and I am not giving up on reaching my goal of 365 days. Today’s project combined something I am comfortable with – paper – with something that I have wanted to play with for a while, but always shied away from. As such, it isn’t perfect, but it can hopefully be improved.

Beach Clock

I actually bought the clock kit months ago but have always shied away from actually using it. (And, to be honest, I don’t think I assembled it right.)  I had a square wooden tray that I had bought with other plans but decided to use for this. I used water and sand print papers to cover the back of the wooden tray and to create a beach backdrop. I then cut the surfboard using my Cricut (the Creative Memories Traveler cartridge) and added it to the beach scene that I was creating. I still had some of the small seashell buttons so I added them as well, but they don’t really show in the photo.

Now, I already admitted that I don’t think I assembled the clock elements correctly. In the interest of full disclosure, it really isn’t well-suited to this tray as the mechanism is too long for how thin the wood is. I think that if I got a smaller clock mechanism and really read the instructions on how to put it together, this could be a functional wall clock. I may have to check at the local craft stores to see if I can find a mechanism that will work better, but in the mean time, this is what I have.



2 Responses

  1. It looks great. I love the tiny little shells. It would totally make me feel like every day is a vacation day. It should be easy to find a clock mechanism that fits better.

  2. […] had so much fun when I made my 5:00 Somehwere clock so I wanted to make another one. For this one, I took a much different approach. I used cross stitch […]

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