Day 233: Buttons and Bottle Caps

I feel like I have done a lot of paper crafts lately, so I wanted to try to go paperless today. I bought a bunch of bottle caps for crafting the other day. I have seen earrings made out of bottle caps before and noticed that the bottle caps I bought just happened to come pre-drilled, so it made sense to make bottle cap earrings. Then the question was how to make them nautical without relying on paper. I remembered that I had gotten some small decorative seashell buttons that I could easily adapt, so I set to work.

Buttons and Bottle Cap Earrings

I cut the backs off of sets of starfish and sand dollar buttons so they would lay flat on the bottle caps. I then used jump rings to attach earring hooks to the bottle caps. When I put the buttons onto the bottle caps, something just didn’t feel right, so my plan to go paperless went out the window. I punched circles in colors to coordinate with the buttons and adhered them to the bottle caps before adhering the buttons.

While they really aren’t my style, I think they did turn out cute. They just won’t find their way into my ever growing stash of earrings.


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