Day 231: Salt Water Fish

Another one of those days where I didn’t wake up with a clear plan in mind. I have plenty of wreath ideas floating around in my head, but none are nautical, and none are quick. So, I went with an idea that I had kind of been playing with a while back…a fish made of sea salt.

Sea Salt Fish

I started out with my water print platter and a fish cookie cutter. I carefully filled the cookie cutter with sea salt that I then sprayed with a little bit of water to get the salt to dissolve just enough so that it would hold together (my husband’s genius idea). I let it dry for a few minutes before removing the cookie cutter so that the salt would be sticky and hold its shape. That gave me a basic salt and water fish, which, while creative, was a little boring.

I then remembered that I had some edible food coloring in my pantry and added some color to the fish:

Salt Water Fish

Not sure if I like it better with the color or not. Maybe if I had spent a little more time and gotten a bit more creative with applying the color.



3 Responses

  1. You could make a sea salt scrub for your hands – use that little fish!

  2. I personally like it better white on the blue background. Really cute.

    • Helen, once I colored it, I started having second thoughts. I kind of like the plain white better too, but live and learn.

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