Day 229: Preparing for the Wreath Festival

Last year, my friend Laura encouraged me to create a wreath for a Wreath Festival at the Carroll County Arts Center. I used that project as a preview to what was to come in my 365 Day project. More recently, I created my version of a beach wreath. Today, I decided to try another wreath idea.

Life Ring Wreath

On every boat, there should be at least one life ring/preserver. Today, I created a wreath inspired by those life rings. I started with a foam wreath that I covered with white ribbon. I then used red ribbon to attach the rope and to add the red markings commonly found on the life rings. My husband reminded me that the life rings are usually marked with the name of the boat, so I decided that this life ring would be for my imaginary boat, the SS Inspire.

While I do like how this turned out, I don’t think I will mimic this one for the festival. Actually, I have an idea for my wreath for the festival and it isn’t nautical at all…but it is inspired by one of my inspired by the sea projects.


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  1. This is so neat

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