Day 226: Fishy Kisses

Yesterday, a friend of mine posted a picture that he took of the artwork in the waiting room at his daughter’s doctor’s office. It was a zebra face on a green background with a heart. It was really simple and perfect for a pediatrician’s waiting room. When I saw it, I knew that I wanted to create something similar. Of course. zebras generally aren’t associated with the sea, so I had to put a fishy spin on it.

Fishy Kisses Framed Art

(Please excuse the glare on the fish picture.)

I remembered that when I had worked on another project that I had seen something on one of my Cricut cartridges that was a fish from the front, rather than a profile view. It was perfect for this. So, I dug through my mountain of cartridges and found it (on the Animal Kingdom cartridge). I had a few 4×6 frames in red, so that influenced my color scheme. I found some red paper for the main part of the fish, and then I found coordinating lighter shades moving to pink that I used for the fins and hearts. Since I was doing a fish and I was trying to use primary colors, it made sense to use a blue background.

On that Cricut cartridge, every animal has an associated “sound” or words. When I saw that the words associated with the fish were “Fishy Kisses,” I decided to make a matching set. For the words, I used the pink and then added red hearts.

If my niece wants these for her baby’s nursery, I think they could be a cute addition.


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