Day 224: Nautical Vase

Over the weekend, I was cruising Pinterest and saw where someone had painted a wine bottle and then embellished it with anchors and rope. While I didn’t want to copy the idea exactly, it did inspire me.

Nautical Glass Vase

I had this glass bottle in my stash. I like the color because is looked like sea glass. I cut anchors from a coordinating paper and put one on each of the four sides (picture below shows an anchor). I filled the bottom of the bottle with glass beads to simulate water in my vase. I then wrapped rope at the top of the bottle to add to the nautical feel.

Anchor Detail

I couldn’t very well have a vase with no flowers. I found some paper flowers in my stash that were white and off-white and I assembled them using some florist wire for the stems. I then punched circles from the same paper that I used for the anchors and used them for the centers of the flowers.

I think it could make a cute centerpiece.


2 Responses

  1. This is so pretty! Good job,

  2. […] the photo, I used the nautical vase that I created a few weeks ago since the colors worked so well together. Also, if I ever do open a […]

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