Day 223: It’s In the Bag

Okay, today’s project is actually on the bag.

Burlap bag with cross stitch surgeonfish

When I was at the craft store last night buying ribbon, I saw these little burlap bags. The bags were pink, yellow, green and purple. None of the colors really felt inspired by the sea, so I walked away without picking one up. Since I was at the store, I decided to check out the cross stitch section. I found a cross stitch pattern book of “99 Cross Stitch Luvable Pets” and right there on the cover was this purple flag-tail surgeonfish. I thought that the colors would work perfectly on the purple burlap bag, so I went back and grabbed it.

Cross sttch surgeonfish detail

I was right. The colors in the pattern blended almost too well with the bag. I started the cross stitching last night and finished it and the back stitching this morning. Not sure what I might use the bag for, but it turned out to be kind of cute. For now, I am just putting the left over cross stitch floss in it in case I decide to use this fish again.


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