Day 220: The Sounds of the Sea

Before we headed down to the beach, I made wind chimes from a kit. Actually, in that case the wind chimes were pre-assembled and I painted the decorative wooden section. That got me to thinking about how I would go about making wind chimes from scratch. While I was at the beach my idea came together.

Seashell Wind Chimese

While we were at the beach, I gathered 3 sets of 4 clam shells each in graduated sizes. I also found an oyster shell for in the middle. After we got back, I got some glass beads in blues and greens and a wooden heart that I could use for the top of the wind chimes.

Seashell Wind Chimes detail

I knew that drilling holes into the shells and the wood and string the beads would take a while, so I decided to save this project for after I got home from work rather than trying to rush and get it done before I had to go to the office. It was actually relaxing sitting in my craft room stringing the beads and shells. That part that was not relaxing was the drilling since my crafting drill sounds like a dentist’s drill. I think tolerating that sound was worth it for the end result.


2 Responses

  1. Love love love it. Hang that out by the pool.

  2. […] to add something more. I had some glass seed beads in blue and green leftover from when I made my seashell windchimes. I decided to use some of them and you can see the […]

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