Day 219: Fishy Finds

As it turns out, while I was down in Myrtle Beach checking out a bead shop I found down there, my dear friend Laura was checking out a bead shop back here at home. Have I mentioned how much I love my friend Laura? Well, as she was looking around the bead shop, she found several fish and nautical feeling goodies that she bought for me. For today’s project, I decided to combine some of her bead shop finds with some of mine.

Pearl and fish earrings

The earthy toned pearls I found in Myrtle Beach seemed like a perfect complement to these “bone” fish that she found here in Baltimore. I played around with several combinations before finally deciding to go with this configuration. I might have to wear these today to see how they look and feel. If I don’t like how they hang, I can always disassemble them and try another arrangement, but I think this is going to work.

Thank you to my friend for these darling fishies. I am a little nervous though. Over the last several years, Laura’s name has become an adjective for my family. You see, Laura has a definite style which has lead to us seeing various things when we are out and about and our response being, “That is so Laura!” I am starting to be afraid that she is now starting to use my name as an adjective for anything and everything nautical. I will have to check with our other friend who was with her at the bead shop to see if Laura uttered the words, “These are so Michelle!”


3 Responses

  1. I love you too. These are great. I don’t associate you with everything nautical. I think you are a great mother. I think your very self disciplined. I think your lots of fun. I just told Guy this morning that you are the perfect person to go to a concert with. I think you are a wonderful and dedicated friend.

    • I didn’t mean to imply that you only think of me when you see nautical things. But, you know how we will see things and say they are “so Laura.” (Speaking of which I have some “so Laura” things at the house for you.) I am wondering if people are starting to see nautical things and think they are “so Michelle.”

  2. […] me at a local bead shop. She got me some fabulous fish beads. I used one set already to create a fun pair of earrings. Today, I decided to use some more to make a […]

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