Day 214: Last Day in My Happy Place

Today is our last day at the beach, so I didn’t want to spend my time indoors working on a project. Of course, it was also hot out and the waves were perfect, so I was anxious to get out into the water. But, before I did, I did create something:

The Ocean's Bounty


For today’s creation, I used pieces of seashells I found along the waterline to write the name (well the short version of it) of my favorite place to spend time, Myrtle Beach. I then used my flip flops to hopefully keep the water from washing away the shells until I could get my photo. It might not be much, but I used the bounty from the sea for this, and, as I stated above, I was eager to play since I don’t have much time left here in my happy place.

I have posted a couple of photos of the view from our condo out toward the beach. Here is one from the beach looking back at our condo:

View from the BeachThis is our second consecutive year staying in this particular condo. It is comfortable, convenient and right on the beach, making it the perfect place.

Tomorrow morning, we hit the road and head back north to reality. I won’t be working on my project until after we get home, so I will have plenty of time to think about it during the 7 hour drive.



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  1. Looks real nice. Have a safe trip home.

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