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Day 243: Something Fishy in the Kitchen
August 31, 2013

Maybe the commercials for Master Chef Junior influenced today’s craft idea.

Child's Apron

Today’s project was a multi-step process. First, I created a stencil for a fish using a transparency and my Cricut machine. I wasn’t 100% sure the transparency would cut properly, but it did. I then used Inkodye to color in the fish. For those not familiar with Inkodye, it is a sun activated fabric dye. I taped my stencil to the apron and then applied the Inkodye. I then put the apron outside for about 20 minutes for the dye to darken. I then used dimensional fabric paints to add a fin and and an eye to the fish and to add the words to the apron. The fabric paints need about 4 hours to dry completely. Mine have been drying for about an hour, but I figured I could go ahead and take the photo. Now, I just need to find a junior chef who could actually wear this apron.


Day 242: Framed Fish Art
August 30, 2013

Yesterday, when I was at the craft store, I particular piece of framed artwork caught my eye:


Admittedly, it caught my eye because the colors reminded me of my dear friend Laura. But, I thought that I could create something similar that could be inspired by the sea. I headed back over to the frames section and picked out a colorful frame and then headed back to the papers to find coordinating papers.

Framed Fish Art

My frame isn’t round, but I think that otherwise I did a pretty good imitation of my inspirational art piece with a more sea-inspired feature. What do you think?

Day 241: Coloring Book
August 29, 2013

Over the course of the last year or so, I have accumulated quite the collection of cute sea critter stamps. For today’s project, I decided to use several of those stamps to create a coloring book for kids:

Coloring Book CoverI stared out with a small board book that I covered with water print paper.

Coloring book sample pages

I then stamped various sea critters from my collection onto white pieces of paper cut to the size of the interior pages and attached the white paper to the chipboard pages.

Coloring book page sample

I punched holes into the pages so I could put them back into the book.

I probably don’t have much practical use for this since my kids are getting older, but for a mom with young kids, I think this could be a great thing to have. I know when my boys were small, they would sometimes want to join me while I was working on crafts. If I had something like this, I could have given it to them with crayons or colored pencils and they could work on a project right alongside me. Or, with the small size, this would be perfect to throw in a bag, again, along with crayons or colored pencils, so that you could give it to a child to help them pass the time if you are stuck waiting somewhere…like the doctor’s office or in a restaurant.

Day 240: Bonus Post
August 28, 2013

After I posted my project for today, I went back into the craft room to get my beverage that I had left up there. Another project idea hit me and I knew I had to act on it immediately.

I had the bottle caps and the jump rings already out. There was also a charm that I purchased the other week with a seahorse. I put them together with a bit of paper and chain and made this:

I <3 Seahorses

I was thinking that I might hang this from the rear view mirror in my car to replace the seahorse that got lost when my old car was totaled a couple of years ago. Maybe it will turn my luck around.

Day 240: More Fun with Bottle Caps
August 28, 2013

When I went to the craft store the other day, I bought these key chains with a plastic piece that you are supposed to be able to easily take apart so you can insert a photo or whatever inside. Well, I tried to get them open, but couldn’t seem to figure out the secret. Maybe my husband or son can figure it out for me later. But, I had the idea for a key chain stuck in my head, so I had to look for plan B.

Bottle cap key chain with fish brad

As I looked through the mess that is my craft table, I saw some leftover fish brads from when I decorated a spiral notebook a few months back. Right next to them, were the leftover bottle caps that I was playing with last week. I thought that I could drill a hole in one of the bottle caps for the brad and make a simple little key chain.

Of course, I had to add a background so I punched a circle from some dark blue textured paper that I had in my stash and put that onto the bottle cap. Then I set to work drilling a hole in the center of the bottle cap and added the fish brad. I then grabbed a couple of jump rings and a key chain ring and attached them to the top of the design, using one of the pre-drilled holes in the bottle cap.

Simple, cute and fun. Now, if I could just remember where I put my keys. 😉

Day 239: Beach Monogram
August 27, 2013

It seems that I am continuing yesterday’s letter theme a bit today.

Beach Monogram

I always see these letters at the craft stores and I never quite know what to do with them. Well, I finally had an idea and decided to run with it. I bought the letter H since it is the first letter of my last name and painted it using sand and blue paints to give it the feel of the beach. Of course, that wasn’t enough. I also bought the little wooden crab and dolphin and painted them so I could add them to my letter H. Once all of the paints had dried, I used a black marker to add eyes to the critters and adhered them to the H using some Zots.

Since it is a beautiful summer morning, I took my letter outside to photograph it out by the pool which unfortunately causes some shadows on the picture, but I think you get the idea.

Day 238: Old School for Back to School
August 26, 2013

Today is the first day of school around here. Not really sure if that influenced my craft for today or not, but I did kind of go old school

When I was younger, charm bracelets were still really popular, but I don’t seem to see them much anymore. I guess now, everyone wants Pandora bracelets and their expensive charms over an old school charm bracelet. I decided to buck the trend and make an old fashioned charm bracelet.

Beach Charm Bracelet

Of course, my charm bracelet celebrates one of my favorite places in the world…the beach. I spelled out “beach” using small letter charms. I included a palm tree to continue the tropical theme. I also included a heart to represent my love for the beach. It is a little difficult to see in the photo, but even the clasp ties into the beach theme with seashells.

Simple and old school.

Day 237: Astrological Jewelry
August 25, 2013

The other day, Michaels (the craft store) posted a picture of a necklace inspired by the new movie, The Mortal Instruments on their Facebook wall. I liked the look of the necklace, but obviously wings aren’t inspired by the sea. So, I set out to find supplies so I could create something similar with a seaworthy theme.

Pisces 3-Chain Necklace

What I loved about the necklace that Michaels shared was the 3 chains in varying lengths and the effect they created, so that is what I mimicked with my necklace. As I said, the wings that Michaels used just really didn’t go with my theme, so when I saw this Pisces charm, I thought it could be perfect.

Pisces charm close-up

The hardest part about assembling this one was keeping the chains laying in the right order, but even that wasn’t that challenging. It was simply a matter of cutting 6 pieces of chain – 2 10-inch, 2 12-inch and 2 16-inch, attaching them using jump rings, adding the charm and adding a clasp. With just basic jewelry making tools, most anyone could put something similar together.

Too bad, I wasn’t born just a few days later. I am an Aquarius. Now, I just have to find someone who was born under Pisces who might love this necklace.

Day 236: 5:00 Somewhere
August 24, 2013

I spent a little bit of time working on some other non-nautical crafts this morning which was a nice break. But, I have come this far, and I am not giving up on reaching my goal of 365 days. Today’s project combined something I am comfortable with – paper – with something that I have wanted to play with for a while, but always shied away from. As such, it isn’t perfect, but it can hopefully be improved.

Beach Clock

I actually bought the clock kit months ago but have always shied away from actually using it. (And, to be honest, I don’t think I assembled it right.)  I had a square wooden tray that I had bought with other plans but decided to use for this. I used water and sand print papers to cover the back of the wooden tray and to create a beach backdrop. I then cut the surfboard using my Cricut (the Creative Memories Traveler cartridge) and added it to the beach scene that I was creating. I still had some of the small seashell buttons so I added them as well, but they don’t really show in the photo.

Now, I already admitted that I don’t think I assembled the clock elements correctly. In the interest of full disclosure, it really isn’t well-suited to this tray as the mechanism is too long for how thin the wood is. I think that if I got a smaller clock mechanism and really read the instructions on how to put it together, this could be a functional wall clock. I may have to check at the local craft stores to see if I can find a mechanism that will work better, but in the mean time, this is what I have.


Day 235: A Thank You Gift
August 23, 2013

Not actually the gift. Just a bag for it.

Thanks a Ton Gift Bag

Today was definitely one of those days where I had no clue what I was planning to do when I went into my craft room. I saw these little blue gift bags that I had bought and decided to decorate one. The whale stamp is from a set I got a couple of weeks ago. I thought he was cute so I chose to use him today. I cut a piece of plain white paper into a square with rounded corners using the Creative Memories Custom Cutting System. I then stamped him onto the cut paper and colored him using my chalk pencils. I got a little experimental with them and was blending colors.

Whale Gift Bag Close Up

The background is actually two shades of blue with a little purple mixed in. For the whale I combined dark grey and black. I like how they all turned out. But, it didn’t feel like enough. I then broke out my Stampin’ Up stamps and found one with a sentiment that I liked. I cut out the thought bubble using my Cricut (the George and Basic Shapes cartridge), stamped it with the sentiment, and colored it using the same blend of blues and purple that I used for the background on the whale. I put it all together and you can see the results.

I think these could be cute for hostess gifts at a crafting party. You could put a small stamp or other small crafting products in the bag and give it to the hostess to thank her for opening up her home. What do you think?