Day 212: Pearl Chandeliers

Yesterday, I just happened to find a bead shop down here at the beach. I bought a few strands that will be used for some future projects. But, seeing all of the beads inspired me to break out the pearls that I brought with me for today’s project.

Pearl Chandelier Earrings

I combined white freshwater rice pearls and regular rose colored pearls for the drops on these chandelier earrings. The rose colored pearls and all of the findings were from the box of goodies I got from my late father-in-law’s cousin. I had forgotten that the rice pearls were even in my stash but rediscovered them as I was preparing for our trip. They are definitely more formal than I will need for anything I will be wearing down here, but maybe after I go back to reality, I will find an event for which they would be appropriate.

Yesterday was a full day with a trip to a local zoo, a riverboat cruise on the Intercoastal Waterway, a stop at the bead shop, beach time and a round of mini golf (which I won). Here is one of my favorite photos from yesterday’s visit to the zoo:

Great Egret



One Response

  1. I love the photo from the zoo. I would wear the earrings with a t-shirt and shorts. They are very pretty. I particularly like the findings. I was thinking last night that this is the first time that you have an only child for the beach trip in a long time. Then I remembered I was an only child all the way through high school and continuing on through adulthood and think it is great!

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